To Adults

Our church has a prayer room where we have 2-person teams praying each Sunday
morning during worship service especially for decisions that are being made during that service.
We also pray for any specific prayer needs which are taken during our morning Bible Study and
delivered to the prayer room.
Our prayer room offers reading materials relating to many areas of prayer. There are books
you may check out and materials related to praying for missionaries that you may
take to guide you in your prayer life.
We always welcome new prayer members to our team. Let us know if you are interested.

We have an active 24-hour crisis Prayer Chain ministry with many diligent members who are available
to pray for those needing prayer in crisis situations. Each prayer need is passed along the
entire list of names making up our “chain”. This ministry, too, is always open to new members
should you feel a desire to serve in this area.

Our Music Ministry
Our music is led by our Interim Minister of Music. We use a variety
of different musical styles in our services including hymn favorites, contemporary, praise and worship
music, using C.D.’s or piano and organ. We also have a background choir on Sunday mornings.
Our choir also performs a Christmas Cantata, a concert featuring selected Christmas theme songs
along with narraration. Our choir also performs special music on selected Sundays.
Our choir meets on Sunday afternoon at 5 p.m. before evening service, new voices are always
encouraged to join.
We also have a concert series, each featuring a different southern gospel or Christian group.
These concerts are usually held during our Sunday evening worship time.

Our children’s ministry performs a Christmas play and/or musical each year and is always
very entertaining to watch.
Our church uses overhead projectors with lyrics to the music, or our hymnals are under the seats
for your convenience.
Advantages of joining the choir
1. No auditions.
2. You have excellent seats and are assured a reserved seat for Christmas and Easter.
3. From your advantageous seat, you can smile at, gawk at, ignore and otherwise enjoy
the rest of the people in the congregation.
4. The pastor is nearly always looking the other way.
5. You’re in a wonderful spot to see new members.
6. The cost for all these benefits? Just one evening a week.
7. Oh yes, one more reason to join the choir. You’re a leader in the worship experience!

Our women’s missionary group consist of two Women on Mission groups
and two childrens mission groups, G.A.’s and Mission Friends.
Women on mission groups meet on the first Wednesday of each month during our
Missions First Service.
G.A.’s (Girls in Action), and Mission Friends meet each Wednesday night at 7 p.m.
Current WMU projects include:
Collecting tabs from aluminum cans for the Ronald McDonald House.
Education labels from sponsoring food items for the Oneida Baptist Institute.
Making beads from old bulletins, used for making necklaces to be added in our
shoebox ministry.

Baptist Men
This group is a part of our “Missions at First” and is open to all adult males. The group meets
regularly on the first Wednesday of the month at 7 p.m.
A project oriented ministry to the church and community; assists in some basic home repairs
for the elderly, builds home ramps for disabled, does some yard cleanups clearing trees
and branches for widows, working around the church facilities, and has assisted a couple
of members in moving.
Plus, our men (lead by member Tommy McGirr), are involved in Disaster Relief (KBC trained
chainsaw crew) and Habitat for Humanity. We also have taken offerings for a variety of mission
trips and individual involvement, for Sherrif’s Boys and Girl’s Ranch.
Our annual “Men’s Day” in January/February features breakfast, speakers, and a male chorus.
Parish Nursing is a recognized specialty practice that combines professional nursing with
Faith/health ministry. Parish nursing emphasizes health and healing within the faith community.
Parish nursing is rooted in the Judeo-Christian tradition and is consistent with the basic assumption
that we as Christians, care for self and others as an expression of God’s love.
Here at First Baptist Church of Junction City (FBCJC), we strive to extend His love by helping
fellow parishioners in learning and putting into every day activities the concepts which affect
us physically, spiritually, etc. By doing these things, we uphold the Biblical truth that our body
is the “temple” of God and it is our responsibility to care for His temple.
The Parish nursing ministry at FBCJC is coordinated by Janet Johnson, RN/BC/PN.
Other Members include:
Merle Montgomery, RN
Marty Montgomery
Vyvyan Wilson
Lynn Holsclaw, RN
There are others who assist as needed to provide support to the committee.
What DO We Do?
There are a wide range of activities supported by our committee which include:
Monthly card ministry for birthdays and anniversaries
Weekly blood pressure checks after the Sunday morning service
Subjects of community interest on a bulletin board i.e. health related topics
Participation in the Isaiah House ministry

N O A H stands for “Never Old At Heart”
NOAH is a fellowship group for senior adults. Monthly fellowship dinners are usually held
on the last Thursday of each month. Please see our calendar of events or contact Eddie
and Betty Walker for details.

The Isaiah House
The Isaiah House is a direct mission activity for our church. We support their ministry efforts
and sponsor a meal on the second Wednesday of each month. Everyone is invited to attend.
Isaiah House Ministry Website